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Joining Our Teams


Thank you for your interest in joining Jr Phoenix Baseball!

Tryouts for our 2023 teams have concluded.    We will post 2024 team tryout information in the spring of 2023.

If you need more information about our teams, please head to our Program Overview page. 

See the FAQ section below for more details about the tryout process and the timeline for offers.

Tryout FAQs

What if my player cannot make the posted tryout dates for new players?
Please email to arrange for an earlier tryout for your player.

Why are only New Players to Falls Jr Phoenix Baseball asked to tryout?
We believe that the observations and evaluations our coaches make during winter training and spring and summer games are more valuable in determining a player's placement for the next season.  This makes the tryout process unnecessary for these players.

What age group team does my player sign up to tryout for?
Players in a division must either be in the specified grade or age eligible as of May 1st of the upcoming season. The grade to use is the grade your player will be in for the upcoming school year.  

As an example, a player in the 10U/4th grade division must either be in 4th grade OR cannot turn 11 before May 1st prior to the season.

What equipment should my player bring to tryouts?
A baseball helmet, bat and glove will be needed.  If you do not have these items, please try and let us know ahead of time.    Please bring water if desired.  Plastic/molded cleats are permitted but metal cleats are not.   Turf shoes or athletic/tennis shoes are also appropriate.   Male players should wear a protective cup.  

What is the format of the tryout?
There will be 3 Stations: hitting, fielding and pitching.   Depending on weather and need for further assessment, there may also be a fly ball fielding station outside.    Players will cycle through each station once. 
We anticipate the tryout to take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

Are parents/guardians allowed to observe the tryouts?
While we welcome family members and interested adults to come in and see our facility, we ask that the players attend their tryout individually and only coaches and players will be involved in the tryout process in the facility.  Everyone else will be asked to wait outside.

At what age are teams split into A and B levels based on skill?
For 2023, our 10U and older teams will be split into A and B level teams.   Our 8U and 9U teams will be divided evenly to field two equally competitive teams.

Do players need to be residents of Menomonee Falls to join Jr Phoenix Baseball teams?
While most of our players live and/or attend school in the Falls, there is NO registry requirement for our teams or our leagues and we welcome interested players from any community to join our teams.

Is there a waiting list if my player does not make one of the teams in their age group?
We do not have an official waiting list.   Our offers to new and existing players will be made based off a ranked preference list.  We will notify every interested player by July 21 if they will be receiving an offer or not for the 2023 season.

Why are tryouts so close to the conclusion of the summer baseball season?
We have chosen our tryout dates to make sure we are able to form teams of players that are committed to Falls Jr Phoenix baseball.   We have found that waiting later in the summer leads to uncertainty for many of our current and potential players and this puts us at risk for not having enough players to form complete teams.  
Additionally, with forming teams earlier, we are able to determine interest in Fall Ball leagues and start planning for fall and winter training opportunities.

If we are offered a roster spot, but do not accept the spot and/or pay our ½ player registration fee by the due date, what happens to the offer?
If you do not respond to our offer and pay the ½ registration fee, we will take this as an indication that you do not wish to join one of our teams for the upcoming season and the spot will be offered to the next interested player.    If you determine you wish to accept the offer after the due date has passed, please let us know and if the position is still available, you will be offered the spot again.

If we accept a roster spot and pay the half registration fee that is due at that time, but then decide we do not wish to play for Jr Phoenix Baseball for the upcoming season, will our registration fee be returned?
Once the spot is accepted and the first payment has been made, the $400 fee is non-refundable without board approval.  

Should we tell all our friends, classmates and other baseball players we know about these tryouts?

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
Feel free to ask any of our coaches or board members at tryouts any questions you might have.   Please explore the Program Overview section on our website.    Send us any questions you might have at

2023 Team Offers and Acceptances

Roster invitations
New Player Invitations were sent out July 13 through July 20th.
Returning Player Invitations were sent out July 15 through July 20th.
New and Existing players not receiving roster invitations for 2023 teams were notified on July 21st.

Accepting Roster Spots
For New Players
Invitations must be accepted and ½ of player registration fee ($400) must be paid within 48 hours of roster invitation to accept spot on a team.

For Returning Players
Invitations must be accepted and ½ of player registration fee ($400) must be paid within 24 hours of roster invitation to accept spot on a team.

Please see our Program Overview page for more information about our team fees.